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The Flexi Stripper is an interesting concept from Denmark which follows on from the more traditional stripping basket. It has no sides to hold the line in, rather it uses soft, flexible spikes to keep loops on the line on the stripper. It solves many of the problems associated with shooting heads and sinking lines and can take a lot of frustration out of what should be an enjoyable day. It is an excellent way of stopping your line getting tangled in the undergrowth when fishing from the bank either on a river or stillwater.


What we liked about it.

- It doesn't fill up with water like a traditional basket does.

- You don't need to ensure the loops fall in to the basket, just that it is over a spike.

- It takes up very little space when being stored.



What we didn't like about it.

- The base is slightly on the small side. An increase in size would make it easier to keep the line on the tray.

- When saltwater fishing waves can wash the line off the tray.

- The stripper does not come assembled when it arrives and you have to insert the spikes yourself.

Order from www.flexistripper.com

The Flexi Stripper.


The Flexi Stripper.