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Wild Trout around Edinburgh.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:41 pm    Post subject: Wild Trout around Edinburgh. Reply with quote

An old friend from Yorkshire was in touch with me during the week to say he would be in Edinburgh next year and could I recommend some good wild trout river fishing. This is an enlargement on the e-mail I sent him and I wonder if anyone else will find it useful.

You will notice that I cover only wild trout river fishing. I am not that interested in loch fishing or rainbow trout fisheries. I am a wild trout nutcase. Some of the rivers I mention are stocked now and then, against all good scientific evidence, but it should not worry you. If the maggot drowners, who are like vultures and can scent a stocking van at a range of five miles, do not quickly pull the stockies out the first spate washes them out into the Forth so you can be fairly sure that any fly caught fish are truly wild. Do not expect many fish over ten inches. Fifteen to twenty inchers and bigger are there but you need to work for them. If there are grayling present I will mention it as well as noting the chances of migratories. I am assuming that you are familiar with something like Google maps to find your way around. As far as tackle is concerned something like a 4 weight seven to eight and a half foot rod is more than enough together with a box of spiders and maybe gold and copper head nymphs.

The Tyne.
Yes there is another Tyne. Find it on Google maps by typing in Haddington. The club has a web site ( Season tickets are 30 per year and day tickets can be had from the ironmongers in Haddington for something like 8. It is stocked once a year but only around Haddington. The best fishing is around East Linton and upstream from Haddington. It is heavily overgrown in many areas so the fishing can be challenging although there are some good open areas. Salmon and sea trout appear later in the season mainly down from East Linton.

The Esks.
There are several Esks in Scotland. These are the East Lothian Esks. Google Musselburgh to find the joint one. I am not sure what the permit situation is. There used to be a club that issued only season tickets at 15 per year but since the tackle shop in Musselburgh closed I do not know what happens. It used to be stocked but I do not know if that still happens. In any case do not worry about looking for a permit, the odds against anyone asking to see a ticket are somewhere on the high side of a million to one. This is one best fished by bus. Take the bus to Musselburgh and fish up to Whitecraigs or vice versa a distance of about two miles. Edinburgh has a very good and cheap bus service. Grayling are present but I have never caught one. There are some very good trout here. No migratories appear for some reason.

Just up from Whitecraigs the river splits into the North and South Esks and I can never remember which is which. One is best reached from the town of Penicuik and the other from Dalkeith. Both are free as far as I know. The Dalkeith one has some grayling. Like the Tyne they are both often heavily overgrown but did anyone ever say good fishing was easy.

The Water of Leith.
This flows through the centre of Edinburgh with the best fishing above Roseburn. It actually runs very close to Murrayfield stadium in one part. Sadly the Honorary Bailiffs still insist on stocking it un-necessarily but the maggot drowners are on the job very quickly to pull the stockies out and they do not have the ability to fish the more difficult stretches. Permits must be obtained and only seasons are issued - free. The Water of Leith centre and the Country Lines Tackle shop issue permits. Some grayling are present but again migratories do not seem to like it. If you fish it further downstream watch out for the Antony Gormley statues near the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art. It is an odd sensation to feel a statue is standing in the river and watching you.

The Almond.
This is on the west side of the city and enters the Forth at Cramond. There are two clubs. The first is the Cramond Club and the other is based in Livingston. This is an example of how rivers should be. Leave the fish alone and they soon multiply and grow. Very, very good fishing with twenty inch and bigger fish caught regularly. Challenging fishing particularly above Newbridge and be prepared for surprises. Country Lines Tackle in Edinburgh supply permits which are very cheap. A fair run of migratories each year. If you are prepared to drive a few miles further to the east side of Livingston the Almond above Kirkton weir is free and very good with the chance of a grayling. There are a few tributaries with the Breich and the Lennice both worth a cast or two.
The Others.
There are some other small streams holding trout although you should not expect anything sizeable. The Braid Burn flows through the South Side of the city and is a typical wee trout burn as is the Gogar Burn on the west side that flow near the airport. One worth a try is the Gore near the town of Gorebridge. This is a rapidly improving wee burn although very difficult to fish.

So if you finish up with a staycation next year and your dragon mentions Scotland and Edinburgh stick a rod in the car. Just in case you are wondering, yes I have fished them all and have taken good(ish) trout from all of them. I promise I have nothing to do with the tourist board, I simply want to spread the news about wild trout river fishing in Scotland.

If anyone is interested I can also describe much of the trout fishing in the borders.

The pictures are the Esk between Musselburgh and Whitecraigs.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

An interesting and informative post - sounds like you have some fantastic streams/ burns up there - whynot indeed....? Wink

Scotland is high on my list for a fishing expedition... Cool
Sure 'nuff baby sure 'nuff 'n yes I do

I salute the Captain ...
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2011 8:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Whynot, any info on burn fishing in the Moffat area would be appreciated, having fished Hammerlands a couple of times Embarassed i think a visit to a little river should be the order of the day next time I visit my fatherinlaw.
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