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January - April 2007

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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 6:37 am    Post subject: January - April 2007 Reply with quote


Good friends from the UK, Guy and Rosemary Luck returned to Artmarina to try their Luck! Guy and Rosemary were in for some great fishing, the first day out started at 11am with Guy hooking into a large Blue; the fish stayed down and Guy had a fight on his hands.

After 40 minutes Guy had the fish on the double but that was as close as the fish wanted to come. After another 20 minutes of the large blue pin wheeling at the back of the boat and Guy, with the drag up and fingers in the spool to put more pressure on the fish, he got the leader up for the crew to leader the fish and release the beautiful marlin. It was foul hooked right at the base of the Dorsal Fin and estimated at 650 lbs.

The next day started with another big blue, Guy was was hooked up and into it once again with another tough fish, he was not getting them easy. The big blue stayed down for 1 hour and 20 min as Guy pumped on the fish and kept his technique. Finally the crew could grab the leader and release the Large blue around 700 lbs

We raised another blue around 600 lbs but couldn´t get it to bite. Around 1pm Rosemary got a bite and was in the chair with another large blue and another tough fight. The blue had Rosemary’s ass up out of the chair for most of the fight. Rosemary had only caught smaller blues and Sailfish, and was a bit worried about fighting a larger blue marlin, but she whipped this marlin in 50 minutes and released the fish, estimated at 600 lbs. She learned that by keeping her technique she could fight a fish for a long time, now Rosemary is ready for bigger fish.

The 21st of January Coyote I fished Sang from Sao Paulo who had been fishing a few days jigging on the Royal Charlotte Bank aboard his boat Doek Dor, a 33ft Cabras Mar, with friends José Luís Calvo, João Molina and Kaoru. The boys are not set up for monster blues we regularly see. The day started with Joao releasing a Sailfish in the morning then at noon they got a bite from a nice blue marlin. The fish put up a great fight for 30 minutes then made a run into the deep and died. Sang took 20 minutes to winch up the 500lb fish.

Guy and Rosemary had a day off and went out again on the 23rd. It started again at 11am by hooking another large blue. Guy was in the chair and the fish was going berserk and finally it pulled the hook at the back of the boat. They raised a fish over 700lbs but couldn´t get it to bite. Later they got another bite from one around 500lbs. The last day a small blue came up to the long lure and was not interested so we let a live tuna back and got the marlins attention straight away; the day was calm and we witnessed a beautiful sight as the blue marlin chased the tuna and ate it, then put on a great show jumping many times. Guy caught the 250lb blue in about 15 Minutes With the circle hook that we used the fish was released alive and very healthy. They raised another small blue soon after, then another fish over 500lbs. All up Guy and Rosemary raised 12 blues, had 8 bites and released 4. Ten of the 12 raised were over 500lbs. Great job.

Two days later, the 26th , Bruno Vicintin, and friends Marcelo Reis and Guilherme Lourenço, from Belo Horizonte, were here for the 3rd time this season. The boys fished for 3 days but had some bad luck with the weather. They raised 5 blues and had 3 bites but no luck getting any to the boat.

The 2nd of February Alexandre Birman shouted his dad Anderson a day’s fishing for his birthday, they flew in by helicopter. They got a bite from a small marlin in the morning but pulled the hook. Soon after Anderson was winding in a small tuna for the live bait tube and a small marlin came racing in, grabbed the tuna and we were off to the races. The fish did not jump, I don’t think it knew we were on the other end of the line, but after a lot of hard work Anderson got the blue marlin to the leader for the crew to release. The marlin was around 300 lbs on 20 lb line. Nice work.

The 11th of February Jim Foster was back to fish with a group from the Weatherford Company. Kyle Chapman, Dragan Soljakovski and Alexander Olsson were fishing on Coyote III and Jim, Carlos Junior and Ingemar Olsson fished the Coyote I.

The first day out both boats caught some dorado in the morning and at noon Coyote I hooked a nice blue. The fish went wild then went down as Carlos had a fight on his hands and a nice size marlin for his first game fishing experience.

Not long after Coyote III hooked up and Alexander was fighting his first blue marlin as well. Coyote I released a 500lb blue marlin and Coyote III released a 350 lb Marlin.

Later, Dragan got a bite from a big marlin on CIII but it came up jumping in the distance a few minutes into the fight and we pulled the hook. The next day Coyote III raised 3 marlins and had 2 bites but no luck staying hooked, both nice fish around 500 to 600lbs.

The 25th of February Charles and Bev Holloway fished with good friends Peter, Erich and son Robert. The first day they got 3 bites from blue marlin and Charles released two small blues around 200 lbs. The next day out there were lots of small bonito and tuna working on the surface, so we dropped a couple of small bonitos down to try for some amberjack.

Peter and Robert caught 2 nice amberjacks, 22 and 26 Kg.

We put the lures back out and soon after a large Blue attacked the short lure. Peter was hooked up and had a fight on his hands for an hour and finally released a large blue around 750 lbs.

They had a couple of days off and fished again on the 1st of March raising a couple of blue and getting a bite but no luck staying hooked.

Greg Sirota was in to fish on Coyote I on April 5 and test out her new motor and the fish were ready and waiting. Around 1:00 a big fish came up under the new teasers we were testing and inhaled a live tuna we pitched. The fish went down and battled for a half an hour before surfacing with a spectacular series of jumps at boat side. The boys leadered and released the 700 pounder alive and healthy.

There was no time to rest as the sea exploded with jumping tuna being chased by hungry marlin. We had a doubleheader on! Sidney released a 300 pounder and 10 minutes later an estimated 500 pounder spit the hook on Greg. We weren’t through yet as two large fish in the 600lb range crashed the lures within 15 minutes of each other. All in all: 5 bites, 2 releases and nonstop action; what a day!

We saw lots of big fish this year and if the trend holds we should get some good looks at the granders next season. Who knows, maybe the next world record is out there with your name on it. As always we promise you´ll get home with sore arms from the huge dolphin, wahoo and tuna that keep us constantly busy to go along with your trophy marlin.

See you soon, book early, we´re filling up fast.

Shawn Wallace, Artmarina Brazil

200 South Biscayne Blvd., Suite 5120
Miami, FL 33131 USA
Tel.: 305-373-1995 • Fax: 305-373-5747

Av. Cel. Augusto Carvalho, 37
Cep 45860000 - Canavieiras - Bahia - Brasil
Tel.: 00 55 (73) 3284-1262 • Fax: 00 55 (73) 3284-2068

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