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Avington 2/10/07

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 03, 2007 9:43 am    Post subject: Avington 2/10/07 Reply with quote

First time at Av , and was pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome, after getting lost, people around the area were unbelievably polite Very Happy How many times have you had " enjoy you day" after asking directions Rolling Eyes .Anyway I'm not a great fan of clear-water fishing but was glad to see there was plenty of space, i started on the first lake with a blue-flash damsel, targeting a double figure fish three quarters of the way across, to the far bank,but this fella would follow ,but no take Sad on one cast to him another fish got there before he could move and i was into a 4lb-er which gave a good scrap. No1 in the bag, i changed to a mayfly nymph and cast a fish not more than ten feet from the far bank , he chased and hooked another good fight and around the same weight as the first fish, after that it went quiet for a while so i went for a wander up the right bank, casting at fish as i went but no takes, i had Alick at the second lake and put that in my diary for later on in the day after a cuppa with the wife, i walked the left bank and nose in the river which was gin clear, some lovely little kippers in there, great for a 3-4#. a few cast along that bank but no joy so teatime. Very Happy
After tea i conned my wife into being my ghillie , i was stiff as a plank "no comments please" back killing me as well as my hips Razz so i had afew casts in the same spot were i caught my first fish, to no avail, then i put on a "MONTY" yeerrr and got a take close in,only to lose it after a very brief struggle Sad so i chopped and changed flies ,but not a nibble , afew follows but no bites. so i asked the wife to pick a fly and tied on a dawl bach with two white wingletts size 10 and of we went to the second lake over the bridge onto the left bank, as soon as i got to the main part of the lake , i realized i was onto a winner.The wind was blowing towards my bank at an angle and stuff was coming off the trees, rises had started from the middle to the far bank, so it looked promising, first chuck i aimed for a rise close in and hit a fish off it came Mad next cast i whipped the line out to the middle and gave sharp fast tweaks of the line , to see a large bow wave behind, then all hell let loose and the bloody hook came out again Shock great excitement though Very Happy out we cast again , yet another bow wave this time he was mine , a great scrap, but i got him in the net, another 4+ er. Wink this was fun, i cast around the area and ad afew follows and then a whopping take, this fish was on steroids, it just wouldnt give up, god knows how many times i got it near the net, it just wouldnt give in. by the time i got it in the net my arm was killing me , but a wonderful fight, weight 5 1\4lb Very Happy
I had a nice day, despite feeling under the weather and hurting quite abit Mad the staff were welcoming and helpful, even the wife liked it.
Is it worth the money, thats a matter of opinion, for the size of fish and the amount of large fish i saw "not to many" it could be cheaper
the worst thing about my day was "No bloody pubs were open" dont they drink around there Shock Never mind nice day had Wink
If in doubt,get the montys out
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 7:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just had my first day down at Avington on Saturday, thoroughly enjoyed it and can agree with everything you say pretty well. Having said that I had a day fishing for Grayling on the Avon on Sunday and enjoyed that much much more. Smile
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