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The Monomaster

By Chris Cook



Every time I fish I see the effects of other anglers on the environment. The amount of mono and flurocarbon that is just thrown on to the floor at fisheries around the UK is nothing short of a disgrace. A few years ago I remember seeing a swan tangled up in line that had just been thrown away. The unnecessary death and damage caused to animals up and down the country from discarded fishing line is something that can be easily stopped, and must be stopped. There is simply no excuse for it.


The Monomaster is a nicely designed device from the USA produced by Grasshopper Outdoor Products Ltd and provides a simple but effective way to combat this. The Monomaster is lightweight and will fit comfortably in to any jacket pocket, or alternatively you can hang it from your waistcoat. Simply insert the line in to the Monomaster and twist the handle. The line gets caught in the spikes within the device and is safely stored until you get home and you're able to cut the line off and discard it safely in the bin. See bottom of page for pictures.


The Monomaster is an accessory that no angler should be without. All fisheries and shops should consider selling these and should encourage as many anglers as possible to buy them. In fact I would go as far to say that the Environment Agency should send them out to all licence holders. When used they will make a huge difference to the environment in which we fish, and the state in which we leave it when finished.


The Monomaster is available for £6.50 from monomaster.co.uk