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Orvis Rocky Mountain Large Arbour Fly Reel

Many anglers are now carrying half a dozen or more types of line with them when they go fishing and the price of a spare spool for a reel can now be a major factor when deciding on which reel to buy. The Orvis Rock Mountain solves this problem. The reel itself retails at under £40 and spare spools can be bought for £6.99 which allows you to carry a full assortment of spools for less than the price of some reels. It simply isn't economically viable to carry 6 spare spools which cost £200 each and this will limit many anglers, especially those on reservoirs who use a wide variety of lines throughout the season.


The reels are British made and constructed with cast-aluminium making them lightweight and suitable for situations where the angler is casting all day.


The Orvis Rocky Mountain Reel is a cartridge based system which means the spare spools sit between two parts of the reel. This reduces the cost of the cartridge spools as they have no working parts and are only plastic, however this does not compromise the strength of the spool - I am yet to hear of any spools breaking or being damaged whilst in use. Spools can be changed over in less than a minute and without any hassle. It is easy to label the spools with a marker pen on the inside to record what line is stored on the spool.


One point to note is that the BFR Lamina

spool fits the Orvis Rocky Mountain and so

these are interchangeable.


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