Paste baits are just that, baits that are made from a paste that is a combination of different dry ingredients mixed together with water or beaten egg to form a paste, the paste itself can be made from many different ingredients, some that are intended for fish food such as trout pellets or from something that is not, such as cheese. Paste can have colourings and flavourings added to increase their attractiveness and as such do not have to rely on the inherent attraction of the ingredients.








To make the paste is pretty simple and there are a couple of ways that I have used. The first is grinding the pellets into a powder, I use an old blender, and then to this powdered pellet you can add any other ingredient you want, or you can use it as it is, some of the more oily pellets might need to have a binder added to be able to make the paste stick together ok, wheat gluten is good for this, all you then have to do is mix the powder with water or beaten egg and knead it thoroughly, another way to make the paste is to add some boiling water to a container of pellets, allow it to soak in and they will start to break up a little, it is then an easy job to knead it into a paste, the only drawback with this method is it is a little difficult to add further ingredients, curry powder is a good additive and with this method it’s a little more difficult to add, it’s so much easier with the ground pellet method if you have other dry ingredients you want to add to the mix.

Ground bait paste is also popular and as you might think the paste is made from commercially available ground bait.


Cheese paste is another popular bait, particularly with river anglers fishing for chub.The best stuff to make cheese paste with is frozen pastry, and I think this is what most anglers use nowadays, I use the short crust variety, once thawed roll it out into a thin sheet, this is the best time to add any colours or flavourings, just smear a little flavour over the pastry or sprinkle a little powder dye over it, red makes a killer colour for Chub. Then you just cover the pastry with grated cheese, about the same quantity as the pastry, strong smelling types are probably best, then just turn the corners of the pastry over to capture all the cheese and start kneading until you have a smooth paste, it will be a bit multi coloured at first but keep at it until it’s all one colour. Cheese paste freezes ok too and there is no need to throw away leftovers as you can re-freeze it, in fact, some people say it gets better with age.


Paste baits can also be made with just about anything edible that will lend itself into the paste making procedure. Sausage meat, cat food and canned tuna are just three examples, most of these types of ingredient will usually need something to stiffen them up a bit before they can be used and possibly a binder as well, I have made these with a mixture of fine brown crumb and dry boilie mix, this seems to do the trick and a good paste can be made, boilie mix can be used too as a paste and the range of colours and flavours you can add to it is almost limitless.









Fishing with paste is quite often used when targeting better fish and the bait does lend itself best to the more common methods used for seeking bigger fish, ledgering for example. Paste can be used for float fishing and often is on the carp match lakes where it’s use is responsible for many massive match weights, but you will probably need to be fishing over depth as a decent size piece of paste will sink most floats.

Paste baits can be fished either straight on the hook, I usually leave the point showing, or on a hair rig with something tied to the hair to keep it in place, the Korum Paste Springs are good, these are just a small spring like attachment that you tie to the end of the hair and mould the paste around it or you can just use a decent sized boilie stop, as long as the paste has something to ‘get hold of’ it will usually stay on the hair.

By Chris Nicholls.


Possibly one of the most successful paste baits is a fish pellet paste, such as trout pellet, it can be made of course with any pellet and halibut pellets are perhaps even better with their strong smell and high oil content, fish a decent size lump of it over a bed of loose fed small pellets and the fish will soon be lining up to eat it!


A lot of the big bait companies now offer paste bait ready made, all you have to do is mix it up and you have a ready made proven paste bait.