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Want to learn more about your chosen hobby? Want to learn about other aspects of the sport of angling? Then you have come to the right place. The Complete Fisher web site caters for game, coarse and sea anglers, there is something here for everyone!

Looking for some fly tying inspiration? Then take a look at our fly database, you’re sure to find something that will suit your needs.

Diawl Bach

from  the fly database

Or if you want further fly tying advice or instruction, then check out our detailed step by step page. Here you will find a lot of popular patterns, all described in easy step by step stages.

Thinking of buying a large arbour, cartridge spool fly reel?

Check out our review of the Orvis Rocky Mountain Fly Reel.


Do you know the difference between maggots, pinkies or squatts? Want to know how to produce your own casters? For this and lots more bait information see our informative coarse bait guide.


Do your attempts at making boilies often fail? It’s not the dark art some make it out to be, get the low down on proper, concise boilie construction and improve your baits.

Bill Livingston with an immaculate Redmire carp. Read the account of his amazing week at the legendary Redmire Pool

Fancy having a go at salt water fly fishing? It’s probably one of the biggest growth areas in angling at the current time. Find out a lot more in our comprehensive salt water fly fishing article


We also have a good photo gallery with some very good pictures of our forum members catches and some pictures from forum socials. We have an active chat room, (for forum members) and we run various fly swaps and some competitions on the forum too, why not have a look in and join up, it’s free and simple to do.

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Fly caught Chub

Talybont Social. River Usk

Have you ever wondered what fly anglers are talking about when they talk of Dry Flies, Lures, Nymphs or Buzzers?

It will all become clear when you read our Fly Type article.


Are you interested in catching large carp on the fly?

Read our article

Carp on the fly

The Flexi Stripper is an interesting concept from Denmark which follows on from the more traditional stripping basket. It has no sides to hold the line in, rather it uses soft, flexible spikes to keep the line on.... READ MORE

The JRC STi bivvy is one of the most sturdy bivvies on the market. I had the bivvy out in gale force winds last Winter which took trees down. I was bivvied up with no protection from the wind and the bivvy stood very solid............. READ MORE

A t £18.99 for 100 yards, the Orvis Grand Max Riverge is certainly not the cheapest flurocarbon on the market but there are situations when it will significantly increase your chances of catching more fish..READ MORE


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Stripers In Sacremento